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SCIENCE IS AMAZING. Science:LIVE shows you how.


View the promotional videos for the first science:LIVE and both shows from science:LIVE 2015 here:

The Motivation

Science tells us how and why the world goes round. Without it we wouldn’t have cars, modern medicine, smart phones, computers, the internet or anything made of plastic. We wouldn’t be able to explore the world like we can today, nor go into space. And we wouldn’t see the wonders David Attenborough shows us. science:LIVE is Castle Rock’s innovative and exciting programme of extra-curricular science – it brings science to life, allowing you to explore science like you never have before. Through the links we forged with 3M, Loughborough University, LEBC and others, we have been able to provide opportunities for our students to experience science in so many settings, including physiology outreach at Leicester’s medical school, Girls in Science days, the launch of 3M’s Innovation in a Box at CRHS and much more.

Our passion for science is what drives us to create opportunities for our students and the wider community to experience science for what it really is – exciting, engaging, amazing.

The First One!

We launched science:LIVE in 2014 with our first ever science:LIVE day. The school building was transformed into a fully interactive science museum and opened to our community (our students and families, local schools and the wider Coalville & Ashby community) all day on a Saturday. All for FREE. CRHS students and staff gave up their day to run exciting exhibitions and deliver interactive activities to nearly 1100 people! With support from 3M, Loughborough University, the Institute of Physics, Leicestershire County Council and local schools, we were able to provide activities such as:

  • Forensic Science
  • DNA Sweets
  • See your own DNA
  • The FIRE show
  • How unique are you?
  • Exotic animals
  • The Planetarium

The Return!

The first ever science:LIVE proved to be so popular and successful, we decided to do it again. This time we took inspiration from the Royal Institution’s Christmas lectures, doing two “shows” on stage based on the Science of Colour. See both shows in full by following the previously mentioned Youtube link.