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Student Council

Castle Rock High School’s student councils are one of many opportunities given to our students to learn the skills of leadership during their time with us. Leadership skills help students to become confident and responsible learners and give students the opportunity to make a difference. Specific skills that are developed from being a member of the student councils are; working as team, resourcefulness, the ability to prioritise tasks, confidence building and communication skills.

Many students in ‘student leadership’ positions know that their actions and decisions can make a difference. This inspires them to be more proactive and alters their attitude towards their work and their life. Students on our student councils are dedicated to bringing change and work passionately to make a difference to the school and community.

At Castle Rock High School students are placed in to one of four teams (Wembley, Wimbledon, Twickenham and Lords). Each team has their own Team Council, made up of one representative from each of that team’s mentor groups. Members of the Team Councils are then elected in to different sub-committees including a Charities Committee and a Year 9 Leavers' Committee.

As well as the Team Councils there is also a School Council which is made up of three representatives from each of the four Team Councils.

The student councils are currently focussing on the outside areas of the school, an area identified by the students as having scope for development. Previous projects of the student councils include the development of the dining room and structure of lunchtimes, designing the school uniform, and delivering a local campaign to the community and our feeder primary schools on dog fouling.