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Science is the exciting and inspiring story of the universe and how it works.  Through Science our students develop practical and investigation skills and develop their understanding of concepts in Science, how Science works in the modern world and how Science is continually changing and adding to our explanation of the world around us.

Where do we come from & what is evolution?

What is a chemical reaction & how do we control them?

Why don’t penguins’ feet freeze & why don’t we fall off the Earth?

These are only a few of the questions our students will understand the answer to over their time in Science at Castle Rock.

The Curriculum

Our students will cover all three Sciences in each of the years at Castle Rock.  Lessons are designed to push and challenge all students in a variety of different ways.  The document below shows the topics/chapters we cover in each academic year.

The curriculum in Science is designed to be cyclical; each successive year will build on knowledge and understanding from previous years.  Topics are also designed to link into each other where possible, so students can see how modern Science is different to the past – modern scientists specialise in their area, but links and collaboration across Science is becoming more and more common.

Homeworks are often takeaway homeworks and are available on the Takeaway Homeworks page.

Support for Students

Each of the Science teachers are available during lunchtimes (on different days) to support all students.  Students may be invited to attend at lunchtime to help and support them with meeting (or beating) their target level, but any student is welcome to come along at any time. We actively encourage students to use these support sessions when they are approaching an assessment in the chapter they are studying.

All students have access to Kerboodle online. After students have logged into, they will have access to all three text books for all three years, revision quizzes, online resources to use in homework, revision and for further progressing and reinforcing their knowledge and understanding of the topics covered in lesson.

To login, students need to know their username (first initial then surname, eg asmith), their password (students chose this when logging in for the first time), and the school’s institution code (asz5).

The Science department has also produced some help sheets for students to guide them in specific areas.


The Science department has always had popular and successful extra-curricular activities. We run a number of different clubs and activities at different times of the year: one of our teams made it to the final of a forensic Science competition run by the global company 3M in 2014 – a success we are building on this year!

Clubs running this year include:  Science Detectives Challenge, Super Food Challenge & Eco Tech Challenge (all as part of 3M’s Young Innovators Competition) and Girls in Science.

Over the last couple of years, Science at Castle Rock and 3M (based in Loughborough) have developed an incredible partnership, allowing our students to be inspired by cutting edge research and technology – 3M chose Castle Rock to be the launch school for their ‘Innovation In A Box’ workshop. 3M have also been a huge supporter of science:LIVE, and continue to support us in providing exciting opportunities for our students.

Other partners we collaborate with often are both Dr Sian Worrall at Loughborough University and Dr Audrey Matthews at De Montfort University.


A big part of our extra-curricular programme is science:LIVE. The programme was launched in June 2014 with the science:LIVE day attracting over 1000 visitors experiencing interactive activities run by student volunteers (on a Saturday!) and shows and workshops run by partners and organisations keen on working with Castle Rock to inspire our students (including 3M, Loughborough University, the Instituter of Physics, local secondary schools and Leicestershire County Council).

Schemes of Learning:

Year 7






Acids & Alkalis


Year 8

Healthy Lifestyle



Structure & Function of Body Systems

Periodic Table






Year 9

Separating Techniques


Metals & Acids

Adaptation & Inheritance

Electricity & Magnetism

Motion & Pressure