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Personal Challenge

Our “Personal Challenge Projects” begin at school and are facilitated by our staff, for one hour a week, every Monday after school. The projects are creatively based and enable your child to access literacy, numeracy, curriculum content and lifelong skills that can be utilised in the future. Students are expected to complete three projects a year and at the end of each, there is an exhibition of students work for parents and the community.

Why Project Based Learning?

Project based learning is where students design a product or presentation based on real world issues that are relevant in their lives. These projects will stretch students and inspire them to explore learning wherever they are; at school, at home and within their community.

  • Ofsted have praised the use of project based study
  • Project based study suits all types of ability level
  • Encourages ambition and commitment, allowing students to see purpose in their work
  • Allows the community to become involved in the work and life of the school
  • Research correlates it with students gaining higher grades, higher motivation and school engagement, higher self-esteem, higher resiliency, better social skills and a greater belonging and attachment to school
  • Helps students to relax, get to know staff in different contexts and make new friends with students in their year group

Example Projects

Student and parent/family quotes about the Personal Challenge Projects:

"It has been an amazing experience and we can't wait to start again after Easter"

"It was good to see the students working together as a team"

I can't wait to move up to Castle Rock"

"It's good to see the work the students have produced"

The after school projects are a brilliant idea"

"Very welcoming and a friendly atmosphere" (During one of the exhibitions)

Personal Challenge Projects 2016-17

Projects this year include;

  • Baking (at Castle Rock)
  • Beauty
  • Event Management
  • Biomechanics in Sport
  • Lego Mindstorms
  • Mechanics
  • Couch Potato to 5K
  • Maths Magic
  • Origami
  • Craft Workshop
  • Icing Design
  • CSI: Forensic Science
  • Science Crest Award
  • 3M: Making a Medicine
  • Illustration
  • Steel Pans
  • Dance & Drama
  • Stop Motion Animation