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All students follow courses in French within the framework of the National Curriculum which includes the four language skills: listening, speaking and writing.

Students are assessed on a regular basis in these four skills through set-piece assessments and role-play. These assessment opportunities take place throughout a unit of work (one unit usually lasts a term) where work can be self, peer and / or teacher assessed in all 4 skills. Assignments are always given a Pathway with advice on how to improve.

Some pieces of work are set as a competition such as the Year 9 past tense explanation poster with a first, second and third prize. Year 7s prepare speaking presentations on their opinions of school lessons with Year 8 creating a role play using invitations and rejections. These are then assessed as a class or in pairs, or by the teacher. All students are set targets at the beginning of the year and review their progress via stickers on the front of their books or by pathway ladder sheets. Evidence of students' work in each year, achieving each pathway is displayed opposite the suite of French rooms.

Students are grouped in mixed ability classes in Year 7, 8 and 9.

Students are awarded a student of the week certificate for effort, outstanding work or contributions in class.

Homework is set to provide opportunities for students to practice and further develop their language skills. ICT applications and web sites are also included in lessons. The school has a link with a French High School (College Jeanne D’Arc in Mulhouse, near Strasbourg) who visit every year. This is a class project where 2 classes correspond with each other culminating in a face to face meeting usually in the Summer Term.

In addition to language learning, students have the opportunity to take part in a “French Breakfast” and food tasting sessions. French customs are looked at alongside comparisons of lifestyle and traditions.

Last year, Year 9 students opted to study GCSE in French and spent the Spring Term studying for an oral exam and the Summer Term for a written exam. This year students will begin their GCSE studies from September.

Schemes of Learning:

Year 7

Year 7 Unit 1 - C'est Parti

Year 7 Unit 2 - En Famille

Year 7 Unit 3 - Au College


Year 8

Year 8 Unit 1 - Les Sorties

Year 8 Unit 2 - Qu'est-ce qu'on mange?

Year 8 Unit 3 - Les Loisirs


Year 9

Year 9 Unit 1 - Une Visite

Year 9 Unit 2 - Ca t'interesse?

Year 9 Unit 3 - On y va!