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Below, are the current Stretch & Challenge activities for ICT.
Click on the links to visit websites, or access worksheets as .pdf files.


Year 7

Task One - Design
Design an interactive multimedia product that examines the positive impacts of technology on the environment. Your design should include descriptions of the technology and its impact, descriptions of or actual multimedia components and some ideas about how the product will be interactive. Diagrams of the way your product will be navigated should be included.

Task Two - Research
Research the following questions and refer to it when answering the questions in a report.
1. What uses more energy: a computer being created or a computer being used for its whole life time?
2. How does technology impact the environment when it has been thrown away?
3. How many computers and devices are in your school right now? Is the school and pupils’ technology having a positive or negative impact on the environment?

Task Three - ‘Computational thinking’
Work through these links to complete the BBC Bitesize unit on computational thinking.

Year 8

Task One - Ethics
• Define the term ethics
• Discuss if you think the following are ethical or unethical:
• Uploading photos of friends to social media without their permission
• Using a work computer to send personal emails
• Using a friend’s unlocked phone to access their social media account
• Using a neighbour’s Wi-Fi without permission
• Copying and pasting information from the internet for homework and pretending it’s your own work

Task Two - Research Task: Evaluation
Write a report examining the cultural impacts of technology on society by answering these questions
• What is meant by the phrase “cultural impact of technology”?
• How do you think attitudes and use of technology has changed in the last 10 years?
• When was social media invented? How has social media developed in that time and how has this impacted culture?
• What is the difference between the way in which people aged over 35 and those aged under 35 consume media?
• How has developing technology changed business culture?

Task Three - Algorithms
Work through these links to complete the BBC Bitesize unit on Algorithms.

Year 9

Task One - Digital divide (Cultural impact).
• Define the term “digital divide”
• Do you think there is a global digital divide?
• Do you think there is a national digital divide?
• Do you think there is a local digital divide?
• For each of the above, what could be done to reduce the digital divide?
• What impact would reducing the digital divide have on society?

Task Two - Research: Privacy
• Research Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.
• Research the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000
• Of the above, which one protects a person’s right to privacy and which one allows the right to be eroded?
• Name another act that protects a person’s privacy
• List the ways that using a smart device can undermine your right to privacy.

Task Three - Programming
Work through these links to complete the BBC Bitesize unit on programming.
Introduction to programming -