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Humanities has the responsibility of teaching about the past, present and future. Preparing young people for the ever changing world.

At Castle Rock Humanities incorporates the discreet subjects of History and Geography. The students have three lessons of Humanities each week taught by the same teacher. They complete a 4-5 week block of a subject i.e. History before swapping to Geography and then back again.

The Head of Department is Miss Staples and students are taught in mixed ability groups. Students will complete a main assessment for each unit of work covered. We will also look at classwork and quality of homework.


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9


  1. Location, Location
  2. Invest In maps
  3. People Everywhere
  4. Flooding
  1. Focus on fantastic Places
  2. The Development Gap
  3. Wild Weather
  1. Coasts
  2. A Planet in Crisis
  3. Risky World


  1. The History Mystery
  2. Invading for Victory
  3. Life and Death in the Middle Ages
  4. Rules and religion in the Middle Ages
  1. The Tudors
  2. The Slimy Stuarts
  3. The Industrial Revolution
  4. Slavery
  1. WW1
  2. WW2
  3. The History of the Modern Era