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Getting to School

Getting to School

The school site is open from 08:00 in the morning. Before registration we run a Breakfast Club from 08:15 to 08:50 in the dining hall, where students can get warm, meet friends and buy breakfast. Otherwise the rear playground is accessible from the side entrance in the bus park area. Entrance doors to the main building automatically unlock at 08:40.

Cycling & Scootering to School

We recognise the positive benefits of students cycling/scootering to and from school, in terms of improving health through physical activity, promoting independence and reducing the environmental impact of the journey to school.

There is a large, secure bicycle park adjacent to the rear of the playground where students can lock their bicycles/scooters and safely leave them for the day.

Students are expected to ride sensibly and safely at all times - please see the Castle Rock Cycle/Scooter Policy (available to download below) for more information on cycling to school.

The Bus Park

Students that use one of the School Bus services to get to Castle Rock are dropped off and picked up at the Bus Park, at the front of the school site. This area is staffed at peak times to help ensure the safety of those using it.

Parents may use the Bus Park to drop off and pick up their children, but we ask that they stay within the confines of the designated car lane and marked car parking bays (it is important for buses to have clear access to the Bus Park at all times and for the large volume of students to be able to use the bus lane to exit the grounds once buses are safely parked). Children should be picked up in the pickup area of the Bus Park not in the entrance and yellow cross-hatched areas, as this puts children at risk of walking out into oncoming traffic.

Gritting Routes

During spells of adverse weather we will treat pathways and surfaces to facilitate safe passage into the school. The main routes that will be treated are shown on the Gritting Routes map, which can be downloaded below.

Bus Travel

The Roberts Travel Group operate the ML001 bus service for the Coalville, Swannington, Thringstone and Whitwick areas, which drops-off and picks-up in the school Bus Park. This service operates on a Travel Pass system, whereby an annual pass for the service can be purchased for your child at a discounted rate and is payable in either 1, 3 or 8 instalments. More information and pricing can be found at the Roberts Travel Group website (link opens in new browser window).

There will be an on-bus payment option for those that want ad-hoc travel, but the costs of this option are more expensive than purchasing a pass. Those who have purchased passes will be given priority travel, with only those seats not taken up by pass-holders being available as pay-on-the-day.

A timetable and route can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

As of 23rd September 2019, Roberts Travel will be operating a single amalgamated route in the afternoons (the ML001). Therefore all students should catch the ML001 home in the afternoons.