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Nationally and locally young people are being recruited into groups promoting hatred, discrimination and sometimes violence against those who do not share their beliefs.

All schools and colleges have a role in preventing this from happening, and are part of the UK Counter Terrorism Strategy, as follows:

All schools are responsible for the Prevent strand of CONTEST.

Prevent Duty

Under the Counter Terrorism Bill 2015, Castle Rock High School has a duty to:

  • Assess risk to our students based on the potential risk in the area
  • Have clear protocols around visiting speakers
  • Provide training to staff to identify young people at risk, to challenge extremist ideas, to know how to refer
  • Prevent students having access to extremist ideas on-line.

Staff are made aware of the dimensions of risk:

  • Engagement – Admission of interest, sympathy to extremist ideology
  • Intent – Indication that someone is ready to use violence to promote their views
  • Capability – Requires skills, resources and networks to be successful.

Actions where there are concerns with a child.