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During your time in Art you will experience a wide range of Artistic techniques, exploring drawing, painting and a range of traditional and contemporary Art processes. In addition to this students will explore their own creative ideas as well as researching and discussing the work of other Artists.

All students will have an opportunity to discuss their work and make creative choices during their projects enabling them to create unique pieces of Art.

In year 9 students who have opted to continue their Art education will complete a range of GCSE projects that allow each student to experience the pace and quality required at GCSE level and respond to a GCSE coursework and examination questions. Students will also experience preparing for an exhibition and writing Artists statements as part of this process.

In addition to lesson time, students also have opportunities to take part in extracurricular clubs which are carefully designed to offer other exciting Artistic experiences in addition to those delivered in lesson time.

Schemes of Learning:

Year 9

1- Formal Elements

2 - Me, Myself and I