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Aims, Ethos & Promise

A school where students can be the best they can be: where they can develop as successful learners, confident individuals, and responsible citizens.

At Castle Rock High School we are fortunate enough to be able to provide an environment where students will thrive during this crucial stage of their academic and personal development. We are proud to have our students and we are passionate about developing their intellectual and practical capabilities.

Castle Rock High School puts our students first by investing in our staff and through effective partnership with our community.

Castle Rock High School develops our students; their intellectual, practical, aesthetic, creative, social and emotional capabilities.

Castle Rock High School is highly inclusive, having complete regard for the educational progress and well being of every student.

Castle Rock High School is committed to all students achieving the best they can through high quality teaching and rich opportunities for learning.

Castle Rock High School equips our students for their futures in a rapidly changing world by recognising the importance of technology, language and communication.

Castle Rock High School is constantly looking for ways to improve further in order to be the best that we can be.

Castle Rock recognises the right of every student:

>> To participate in lessons that inspire learning
>> To be safe
>> To be listened to
>> To be supported in removing barriers to learning
>> To be successful and have successes celebrated
>> To work as/be part of a team
>> To be challenged
>> To experience sporting, artistic and cultural activities
>> To make progress
>> To be given leadership opportunities
>> To acquire essential numeracy and literacy skills
>> To learn through a broad and balanced curriculum
>> To be encouraged to try new experiences