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Students Reach For The Stars

Ashby School hosted an evening that was out of this world!

On 2nd of February twenty Year 7 and 8 students braved the rain and clouds to attend a Stargazing evening at Ashby School. Students were apprehensive as at 6pm there was not a star to be seen but as the evening progressed they were certainly not disappointed.

The evening was launched by Dr Chris North, a presenter from the TV show ‘The Sky at Night’ who gave a fascinating talk about the changing views of our solar system and beyond. After that the first stop was to build a comet. Using various materials, some smelling of almond and others rotten fish, and some dry ice a comet was formed.

We then made our way into the ‘hub’ where we were surrounded by images of our solar system on huge screens and learnt about the constellations. As the clouds had not cleared the next stop was inside with the local astrological society who had given up their time to bring in their telescopes. They explained to the students how each worked using mirrors and lenses and showed us some amazing pictures that they had been able to take. The final stop was to build our own telescope with a metre rule and two lenses. Once the students were able to work out which lens went where there were some pretty effective telescopes produced.

As we left the building for the last time the skies cleared and without the aid of any telescopes we were able to identify the Plough, Betelgeuse, and Polaris and for any Harry Potter fans Sirius was seen too.

Thank you to our hosts for a great evening!