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'Boys Noise' Singing Project

Castle Rock boys made some noise at the King Power stadium, 9th January 2017.

Boys from Castle Rock High School are working alongside Leicester-Shire Music Education Hub and Leicester City Football Club as part of the exciting boys singing project “Boys Noise.” The boys taking part have the opportunity to work with nationally recognised singing leaders in addition to some sports coaching delivered by coaches from Leicester City Football club.

Why? - The perception that male participation in choirs and concerts has tailed off more than that of girls was for a long time largely anecdotal, but thanks to research done by Sing Up we now know it to be true. Figures reveal more than one in 10 boys still don't sing at all, compared to just two per cent of girls. The only time most boys admit to singing at school is in assembly, when it is all but compulsory, and even then fewer than half do so. Even in the privacy of their homes, where three-quarters of girls break into song, 48 per cent of boys claim they never sing a note. The Boys Noise Singing Project hopes to begin to redress the balance by encouraging boys into singing through a combination of workshops and high profile performances whilst working alongside sports professionals from Leicester City Football Club.

Through a combination of workshops, school based rehearsals and sporting activities the boys will learn to sing in a fun and relaxed environment, there may be the opportunity to sing before a match later this season and there will be a performance at the De Montfort Hall on Tuesday 20th June.