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Creativity workshop @ New Swannington

Year 7 students held a Creative Arts workshop at New Swannington Primary School.

As part of our extra curricular learning at Castle Rock, we run our Personal Challenge projects for students to learn new skills & techniques with our staff & local experts.

Recently we ran a craft course within Creative Arts which involved New Swannington Primary School. Reception and Year 1 pupils  from the Primary School drew funny monsters and Castle Rock Year 7 students then made them come to life by making each monster from colourful fabrics, staying close to the original designs from the budding Little Artists.

Some monsters had one leg and nine eyes, others had so many legs they barely fitted onto the body! Castle Rock students wrote a story about the monsters - now aptly named "The Scribblies".

The adventures of The Scribblies take place within the school, when the children's pictures come to life. Our Year 7 students really enjoyed meeting New Swannington's Little Artists, where they had story time and presented the pupils with their very own specially designed toys.