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Graphics Day

Graphic designer inspires students during Creative Arts lessons.

On Friday the 28th October ex student and local Graphic Designer Clive Tinkler visited the Creative Arts Department to talk about working as a Graphic Designer and lead some creative team building workshops for years 7 and 8. The year 9's had a workshop in using Computer Assisted Design (CAD) Programmes such as Photoshop.
“Mr Tinkler talked about being a Graphic Designer and how he got into it. He showed us examples of his work and what it was like to be a graphic designer.” Megan D

The day was a great success and all Year 7s and 8s involved in the workshops were able to share their ideas and learn from others. “It would be amazing if he could come again!” Tom H

He spent all afternoon with the year 9 students as they begin to learn new skills ready for the start of their G.C.S.Es.

“Mr Tinkler was very helpful and could tell us how to do new skills on Photoshop.” Lucas H
“Mr Tinkler went through and explained Photoshop tools when I didn’t understand.” Kianna B

Students and staff would like to thank Mr Tinkler for the work he did with us. A brilliant and informative day was had.