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Castle Rock 0 - 1 Ashby Ivanhoe

A good team performance but no goals against a strong side.

Castle Rock suffer an unlucky defeat to Ashby Ivanhoe!


Castle Rock started the match with a solid 4-4-2 formation selected by manager Mr Saye, with some magnificent pace on the wings from Alfie Kirkwood-Hawes and Ethan Neeson. The defence had a shaky first ten minutes and Ashby Ivanhoe lifted the ball over the defence which was hit into the back of the net by the Ashby Ivanhoe striker.

From that moment on Castle Rock felt that they were the better side and had more possession but couldn’t turn their dominance into goals. A decent performance from the away side who were unlucky not to get at least a draw. Mr Saye named Kirkwood-Hawes as "man of the match".

Report by Joe Williamson.