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Nepal Fundraiser Day

Students reach new heights fundraising for Nepal.

In response to the devastating earthquakes in Nepal on April 25th and 12th May this year, a day of fund raising activities was held on Friday 22nd May to show our support for victims of this natural disaster.

Students were given the option of dressing in non-uniform for the day or as a famous person, for a £1 donation.

The day started off with a talk about the conditions and hardships that Nepalese people are currently experiencing in the aftermath of the 'quake. Then, the entire school headed outside and walked the 1236 metre perimeter of the school field which, if performed 50 times, would be equal to the distance from the Lukla base camp at the base of Mount Everest to the summit. That obviously does not take into account the vertical cliff faces, dangerous crevices, thin air and sub-zero temperatures endured by climbers and sherpas.

Bush tucker trial stare-off at lunchtime

Numerous fund raising activities were held at lunchtime, including a 'bush tucker' themed event for staff, if they were brave enough to take part. Finally, in the afternoon an intrepid team of sponsored Year 9 students (and Womble the Wimbledon mascot) scaled nearby Bardon Hill, which overlooks the school grounds.

In total the day raised a massive £977 for charities currently supporting the relief effort in Nepal - an excellent effort by students and staff.