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BBC School Report 2015

Year 9 students faced tight deadlines when they became reporters for the day.

On Thursday 19th March 2015 a group of fifteen Year 9 students took on the challenge of BBC School Report, spending the day researching, interviewing and reporting to create articles for the BBC News website. Some of the topics covered were: 2022 World Cup, Toxic Smog, Up and Coming Music from Leicestershire, and Gender Equality.

The students worked tirelessly to meet the 2.00pm deadline. Students wrote articles and also recorded their stories. In preparation for their stories, students researched information linked to their articles and found contacts to help with their reports.

Two students spoke to ex-Leicester City player Steve Walsh, they also spoke to Stoke Football Club to gain an insight to professionals' opinions about the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Other teams of student reporters spoke to the Met Office and the NHS regarding health concerns and fears linked to the forecasted toxic smog.

Students said that the day far exceeded their expectations and has helped develop their confidence when talking to other people. One student summed the day up with "The day felt professional and we were given the opportunity to complete activities that were different to what we usually do in school. The day was very inspirational".