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Student wins acting role

Posted 10th November 2015.

We are very pleased to inform you that student Maddie Simpson has been successful in her audition to be an actress in the Dangerous Science of Mining video clips! Congratulations!

Maddie will be working with the Leicestershire Education Business Company and the Museum Learning Team at Leicestershire County Council to develop an education show for schools to learn about the science and engineering behind the mining industry and its history.

Maddie will be playing the part of a Victorian child miner, helping to create a set of short video clips for use in the science show which will tour primary schools across the East Midlands next year.

Maddie is currently rehearsing the script and will be meeting with the Lead Museum Educator on Monday who wishes to congratulate her on her success.

We are also delighted to announce that Natalie Commons, Emily Commons, Chloe Dicken, Paulina Kolodziej and Hannah Muncie will also be part of this exciting opportunity by being involved in the technical side of the video production.

We would like to wish these students good luck in the next stage of this exciting competition and look forward to sharing the educational resource with primary schools across the East Midlands next year.