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Personal Challenge Exhibition (Review 4)

Information for Year 7 Parents 

The Review 4 "Personal Challenge Project" exhibitions will take place on the 11th March from 4.00-4.30pm.

Parents will have the opportunity to visit Project Rooms, where students will either be demonstrating or presenting the work they have carried out over the past six weeks (or they will be working towards their final pieces).

Please head to the main reception area of the school where you will be guided to the appropriate room for your child's project;

  • Charity begins at home - Room 5 - Hear about what the students have learned and experienced throughout their project and also be involved with discussions which look to their future and explore their ambitions.
  • Rugby - Outside - Your child has been working hard to master the fundamentals of rugby, they have been working to perform a variety of skills which you will see in practice within a game they will play.

  • Learn to speak German (NS) - Come join our German café! Where students will serve you German food, but only if you order in German (don't worry - the students will help you through it!)

  • Apollo Radio (WB) - Meet in the atrium - Come and have a look around our fantastic radio station and see some of the students recording their brilliant bedtime stories which they have written for our ‘Bedtime Story’ programme that runs in the evenings.

  • Stop Motion Animation (AW) - Room 20 - Come along and see your child’s excellent stop motion animation clips which they have produced throughout the course of this project.

  • Sports Stacking - Room 16 - Have a go at the latest craze taking the world by storm... see if you can beat Miss Chester and the Sports Stacking group at the 'Cycle'! This project has really tested their perseverance and team work skills.

  • Taiko Drumming - Library - Your child has been learning the Japanese art form of Taiko Drumming with Mrs Foster-Joy, a visiting teacher from Leicestershire Schools Music Service. Students have made excellent progress in the development of their confidence, respect and Taiko skills and have put together an exciting choreographed piece of drumming which they look forward to performing for you.

  • Steel Pans - These students will be rehearsing their pieces for you to hear in the school’s atrium.

We do hope that you are able to attend and find out about the interesting things your child has learnt over the past review.