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Route to Resilience

Information about the R2R accreditation.

We are very proud to have successfully delivered the "Route to Resilience" programme – an evidence-based and practical approach to developing the emotional wellbeing and resilience of children, young people and their families. We are now proudly one of only two Route to Resilience accredited schools in the area.

We believe that character traits not only open doors to employment and social opportunities, but that they underpin academic success and young people’s happiness and wellbeing as well. Thus this Route To Resilience programme was whole-heartedly embraced. Our own personalised project within this programme focuses on instilling character traits throughout school life, believing that this is one of the most effective models for a brighter future for all of our students.

We initially sought the views of staff, parents and students to choose specific character values to focus on. We believed it was important to place emphasis on the values which were most applicable to our students and our school context. Once these were established whole staff CPD/INSET was provided to colleagues to ensure staff were equipped to deliver these Character values across the curriculum in lessons. The six values we placed emphasis on were: Perseverance, Empathy, Kindness, Listening, Independence and Respect.

These values were initially launched during a ‘mentor week’, where members of the student council helped plan activities to raise awareness of the meaning of these values and emphasise why they are important to practise. We also engaged parents further by creating goody bags which contained items which symbolised each one of the school’s character values. For example: a game for perseverance, an empathy fridge magnet to encourage further dialogue at home, a listening card where parents had the opportunity to write down three positive things they had heard about their child during the parents evening and laminated ‘thank you for coming cards’ which  also had a message on them. These bags also included ‘character passports’ which explained the values and the school ethos along with some extra lollies, pens and stickers with the school character values logos on. These bags were made available at all years’ parents’ evenings and also during transition evenings. ‘Parents and students were engaged with the initiative and the dialogue with parents and students was fantastic’.

Simultaneously these character values were intertwined in assemblies, starter activities in lessons and in personalised reports for students with targets. These values resonate further across the whole school through displays, mentor-time activities, subject specific review-period focuses; a tailored Extra-curricular programme and also in one to one sessions carried out by the Care and Guidance Team.

We are very proud to have opened up dialogue between parents and young people about the character values so that it is embedded both in and out of school life. We have raised awareness of the school’s initiative and the drive to facilitate young people in developing their character traits. Furthermore, we believe that we have established sustainable strategies to continue to liaise with more colleagues and embed the development of these traits across the MAT in the future.

Consequently students are beginning to use the language and dialogue and think about how their actions can be developed and adapted in order to practise their character values consistently. External assessment from the ‘Route to Resilience’ programme; feedback from parents and students; and also through the schools’ various means of monitoring, proves that these values are championed and have continued to help develop our young people and facilitate progress in all aspects of their lives.  

We will continue to review, adapt, develop and embed practices in relation to strengthening our drive on character values in our young people throughout their lives.