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Creative Arts

The Creative Arts Faculty

The Creative Arts Faculty is an outstanding union of the following subjects: Drama, Dance, Music, Textiles, Design Technology, Food Technology, Graphics and Art. The faculty works collaboratively within school and with the wider community where we have established links with galleries, theatres and orchestras from the local area and also with the upper and lower schools, to ease transition; to clarify career options; to inspire our students and to provide a real context for our students’ learning.

The Creative Arts Faculty provides an innovative and diverse curriculum which offers variety and is tailored to our students’ creative interests. The Faculty works on a rotation system for Year 7 and 8 so that all our students experience each exciting subject twice in each year. Students are assessed during each rotation through our efficient marking system which offers clear written feedback that links directly to the assessment criteria the students work with.

Students are involved in continual assessment throughout their lessons, and their success criteria is always available to them, so that they know how to progress. Students are given the opportunity, before the end of the 2 week rotation in years 7 and 8, to reflect on the variety of feedback given to them in order to help them progress towards their new target before the end of the rotation.

Feedback will be given in a variety of ways such as: through assessment sheets, success criteria, verbal feedback, self- assessment and peer assessment; to name a few. Students are formally assessed in each rotation in Year 7 and 8 and in Year 9, students are formally assessed every 6 weeks.

Students are in mixed ability groups in years 7 and 8, and they are in mixed ability ‘option’ groups for Year 9. Throughout their lessons students will work in a variety of different groupings. This is planned and suitable to the specific activity they are exploring each lesson.

We have a fantastic opportunity for our students in year 9, to focus on their GCSE/BTEC option; within Creative Arts. Our students will choose two options at the end of Year 8, which means they will focus on these two creative subjects in Year 9, to offer them a more intensive GCSE/BTEC experience whilst simultaneously preparing them for their ‘GCSE options’.

Our Year 9 curriculum links closely to the GCSE/BTEC courses the upper schools offer, so that Castle Rock Students go into Year 10 prepared for their GCSE’s, after already working at this level in these subjects.

We are extremely proud of our students’ achievements and therefore this year our students’ creativity will be showcased through our school website, radio and also through exhibitions, held at school, which parents and members of the community will be invited to, to celebrate our students’ achievement.